18 April 2021
BIFI, Binance shared Innovation Zone's list

BIFI, Binance shared Innovation Zone’s list

Crypto currency exchange Binance, Beefy Finance‘i (BIFI) Innovation Zoneannounced that he would list it. Following this announcement, the BIFI price gained momentum and added value to its value. Users after the rise What is BIFI? How to use? started looking for an answer to his question. In this article, too What is a BIFI token? How to use? We have compiled the answer to the question for you.

BIFIWhen we look graphically at the development of the token, on a monthly basis 28 percent, on the weekly chart 181 percent experienced an increase in value. When we look at the daily increase of the token, 149 percent saw a rate increase. According to these rates Beefy Financeas of today $ 3,457 by reaching the level he broke his own record. In addition, the market value of BIFI 261 million dollars If the daily transaction volume is 41 million dollars Let us state that it is level.

What is BIFI? How to use?

Beefy Finance, Binance Smart Chain based on and yield farmingis known as a platform that optimizes. Thanks to Beef users BSC can easily interact with their projects and other services. In addition, BIFI aims to benefit not only large investors but also small investors from farming advantages.

On the other hand, on the platform farming vaultları has. That’s why vaultlardaki The rate of return of the assets is calculated regularly. The whole process is automatic. In this way, return rates can be calculated in an optimized way and transferred to users.

In addition Beefy‘nin Binance to create new strategies between its long-term goals, to ensure the growth of the project and hackathon Let’s point out that it is to do.

The platform’s local token BIFI is used for community-based transactions such as voting and decision staking It is used in making. Finally, Beefy’s to the community 72 binto the founders 8 bin BIFI token allocates, while the circulating BIFI supply 76 bin Let us state that it is.

The stock exchanges where BIFI is located are as follows;

  • Binance
  • Pancakeswap
  • Bakeryswap
  • Julswap

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