28 July 2021
Big raise from Apple: Here are those products!

Big raise from Apple: Here are those products!

Apple 2021 first event of the year Spring Loadedhas introduced many products in. While the event was going on, bad news came from the company to the users. By Apple iPad Air, iPad, iPad Mini, keyboard and case to products big raise done.

iPad and keyboard prices upset the users!

Apple today AirTag, new color option of iPhone 12 and 12 Mini, new iMac models and iPad Pro with M1 processor It introduced many products such as. During the event, the company iPads and Keyboards It did not make any changes in the prices of other products while making a raise.

Here are the prices of iPads and keyboards after the raise:

iPad Air

iPad Air 64 GB Wi-Fi: 6.399 TL (Old price: 5.799TL)

iPad Air 64 GB Wi-Fi + Hücresel: 7.799TL (Old price: 7.199TL)

iPad Air 256 GB Wi-Fi: 7.999TL (Old price: 7.199TL)

iPad Air 256 GB Wi-Fi + Hücresel: 9,399TL (Old price: 8,399)


iPad 32 GB Wi-Fi: 3.499TL (Old price: 3.199TL)

iPad 32GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: 4,899TL (Old price: 4,399)

iPad 128 GB Wi-Fi: 4,499TL (Old price: 3,999TL)

iPad 128GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: 5.899TL (Old price: 5.199TL)

iPad Mini

iPad Mini 64 Wi-Fi: 4,399TL (Old price: 3,799TL)

iPad Mini 64 Wi-Fi + Cellular: 5,799TL (Old price: 4,999)

iPad Mini 256 GB Wi-Fi: 5.999TL (Old price: 5.199TL)

iPad Mini 256GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: 7.399TL (Old price: 6.399TL)

iPad keyboard

Magic Keyboard: 2.999TL (Old price: 2.499TL)

Smart Keyboard Folio: 1.749 TL (Old price: 1.499TL)

Smart Keyboard: 1.499TL (Old price: 1.299)

iPad Air (4.nesil) Smart Folio: 799TL (Old price: 699TL)

So what do you think about these hikes? We welcome your ideas for comments.

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