29 July 2021
Binance Coin breaks all-time high record

Binance Coin breaks all-time high record

Recently, one of the most profitable crypto currencies Binance Coincontinues to rise with the momentum it captures. Engagement The crypto money that adds value to its value since the beginning of the month, $ 500 broke a new record by surpassing the threshold.

Previous month $ 260 The virtual currency, which is at levels, showed last night 82 percentby increment of 500 dollar passed. also BNBin the last year 3485 percent Let’s also state that it is rising.

Binance Coin will soon perform its 15th burn

Continuing the rise he’s caught all night Binance Coinstarted the week ambitious. Market value 87 billion BNB exceeding $, as of Monday morning 561.34 traded in dollars.

Binance Coin last 24-hour bullish chart

As it is known, the crypto currency exchange Binance burns a certain amount of BNB every three months. “Burning” This event, called BNB’It enables them to be removed from circulation in a way that they cannot be accessed again.

Performing this transaction to support the price of BNB Binance, on the market 100 million BNB promises to continue this process until it stays.

Currently in circulation 154 million BNB there is. Binance to date 14 separate BNB burned. BNB’s stock exchange in January, 3 million 619 thousand 888 Note that it removed BNB from circulation.

On the other hand, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said that within a few days on BNB 15. coin announced that the burning will take place.

What are your thoughts on Binance Coin? How long do you think it will continue to rise in the cryptocurrency world. You can share your ideas with us in the comments.

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