30 July 2021
Biomutant "World" trailer released - ShiftDelete.Net

Biomutant “World” trailer released – ShiftDelete.Net

Biomutant It went through a very turbulent period with the development process. In fact, there was no sound from the game for a while. Biomutant was an ordinary role-playing game, but the differences it offered were in the main theme of the game. Mutant You create a character and see what the game has to offer you. The idea of ​​creating a mutant character and fighting him sounds fun. Continuous fighting mechanics were featured in the previous trailers of the game. This time the video shows us the world of the game.

The color palette looks very nice

The game has gone through a long development process and is finally 25 MayComing in. As you can see in the video, the color palette in the game looks very lively. Some item mechanics are also shown to us in the trailer. Previous trailers were mostly about fighting mechanics, this time a much nicer trailer was released. A very explanatory video for players who are curious about the world of the game. The trailer features quite strange and beautiful landscapes.

also Mutant NPCWe can also see the ‘s. The items on the back of the character change throughout the trailer and you can see how each one has a plus for you. Sometimes it allows you to glide beautifully, and sometimes it allows you to rise upwards in a small way. The most striking among the items you can carry on your back is suitcase. The suitcase allows you to slide slowly in the air.

Biomutant, 25 MayIt will debut on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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