30 July 2021
BioNTech guide from the Ministry: Here are the details

BioNTech guide from the Ministry: Here are the details

Ministry of Health by Turkeynewly started to be used in mRNA Rules on how to apply the vaccine have been published. Within the scope of the announced rules 4 weeks apart two doses The second dose of the vaccine to be administered in case of allergic reactions will not be administered.

Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine Code of PracticeAccording to the guideline, BioNTech vaccine will be administered at least once every four weeks, in one dose each, in two doses in total. However, to Covid-19 patients, 180 days inside Covid-19 positive and before vaccine administration 10 days People who have been in contact with a Covid-19 case will not be vaccinated.

After the first dose anafilaksi those who pass attention!

Within the scope of the vaccine application rules, after the first dose anafilaksi to people who pass it second dose It is stated that it will not be applied. In addition, it is stated that an allergy immunologist should be consulted before the next dose of the vaccine is administered to those who show non-anaphylaxis acute allergic reactions to any substance contained in the vaccine or following the first dose of the vaccine.

“Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine Practice Rules” According to the rules in the guide, the vaccine application instructions are as follows;

It should be preferred to leave a period of two weeks (before and after) with other vaccines. In any case, there is no need to repeat both vaccines if the mRNA vaccine was administered before this interval.

– It can be applied with vaccines containing rabies, tetanus toxoid, vaccines that need to be administered after contact such as measles, hepatitis-A / B vaccines, without leaving a time interval.

The tuberculin skin test should either be done on the same day as the vaccine or
It should be postponed for at least four weeks after its administration.

After the vaccine administration, the person should be informed about possible allergic reactions and should not leave the health facility for 15 minutes.

People with a history of allergies leave the health facility for 30 minutes.
should not be separated.

In the next period, the closest to any side effect development
He should be told to apply to the health institution.

The data matrix must be read before the vaccine administration. Information on the person to whom the vaccine is administered will be recorded in the “VACCINE” mobile application.

Early and late adverse effects that may occur after the administration of pandemic COVID-19 vaccines will be reported via the Public Health Management System (HSYS), Family Medicine Information System (AHBS) or Hospital Information Management System (HBYS).

Both doses of the vaccine should be administered with the same pandemic vaccine.

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