30 July 2021
BioShock 4 can have an open world concept

BioShock 4 can have an open world concept

Popular game series BioShockthe developer of Cloud Chamberposted a job posting, BioShock He shed light on what kind of structure his game can have. In the posted job posting open world Special emphasis is placed on the concept.

17 different postings for the new BioShock

Cloud Chamberdeveloped by BioShock The game may have major changes for the series and adopt the open world concept previously unseen in the game. PCGamesN In the job post determined by the company, the firm underlines that it is looking for a senior writer and that this writer must be experienced in the open world.


“We hope to find someone who can create effective, character-driven stories in an open world environment. The author of our choice, new BioShockwill work on the dialogue or other narrative elements of the. It will also help generate ideas for primary and secondary task contents along with the design. ” expressions were used. Also, 17 different job postings for various positions publisher ClOout Chamber, He only mentioned the open world concept in his ‘senior author’ advertisement.

Your studio is new Bioshock It seems likely that he is also working on other projects besides his game. However, the senior writer job posting mentioned about the open world structure BioShock He specifically states that it is for.

The last game of the series BioShock Infinite 2013 The market was released in 2017. Since then, there has been no news from the series, except for DLCs. 2K’s subsidiary Cloud Chanmberpre-posted job postings will show that the new game will contain a fantasy world and Rapture or ColumbiaHe claimed that he would not return to. It is estimated that the new game is in the early stages from the posted announcements. However, it will be very exciting to see what effect it will add to the series.

Finally, BioShock series creator Ken Levineof new BioShock It is worth noting that he will not be included in his game.

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