1 August 2021
Bitcoin and Ethereum value turned upside down

Bitcoin and Ethereum value turned upside down

Bitcoin, It started to lose value towards the end of February. A few days ago, again above 50 thousand levels Bitcoin value, declined to 43 thousand levels today. But Bitcoin outside Ethereum and BNB He suffered great blood loss in important cryptocurrencies such as.

That has been going up and down for the last few days Bitcoin value today big fall lived and the lowest level in February For 43 thousand dollars backed up. Again, record-breaking in February Bitcoin, 56 thousand dollars He managed to climb up to the level.

Big drop for Bitcoin and Ethereum value

For now 43 bin dollar standing with resistance at the level crypto money experts think that March will also be difficult. Bitcoinled by crypto money in the world Ethereum the value of also fell to the lowest level in recent times.

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Seeing above the level of 2 thousand in recent weeks Ethereum value, today long after 13 thousand dollars fell to the level. For cryptocurrency gaining great resistance at this level $ 12,500 level is seen as critical.

One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges Binanceown cryptocurrency BNB on the other hand, with an increase of 70 percent in one day in February $ 350 had risen up to the level. Recently Ethereum and Bitcoinwith the fall of crypto money, Just below the $ 200 level $ 198 is anchored.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and BNB value to reverse the pointer and big fall many crypto money also badly affected. Although there are virtual currencies still on the rise, the market BitcoinWith this reverse wind of the country has turned negative. For now Bitcoin according to yesterday 7 percent, Ethereum 9 percent, BNB if 12 percent lost value.

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