1 August 2021
Bitcoin and others spoiled your health?  So what to do?

Bitcoin and others spoiled your health? So what to do?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Riple, Holo, Bittorent, Chiliz and nearly 5 thousand cryptocurrencies are the most trending investment tools of the recent period. Gold, Euro, dollar In addition to the probability of return of 1-2 percent on a daily basis, cryptocurrencies can offer many times more. For example, from your crypto investment of thousand TL, you can earn 100 TL with an increase of 10 percent in a few hours. We are witnessing up to 20, 30, or even 100 percent a day, and up to 400 percent returns, just like Dogecoin in recent months.

However, besides the possibility of gain, there is also a high probability of loss. With an investment of a thousand TL, the value of the cryptocurrency in question decreased by 20 percent within an hour, for example Decrease to 800 TL possible. The steps taken in such fluctuations, that is, the actions taken, point to the final course of crypto money investment of all sizes. This incredibly wide range is paving the way for a new and increasing stressor around the world. So how to deal with mental health problems caused by cryptocurrencies?

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