18 April 2021
Bitcoin is on the decline again!  Here is the table for March 15, 2021

Bitcoin investors in shock: $ 6,000 suddenly fell

The world’s largest crypto money Bitcoininflicted great losses on its investors. Virtual money could not hold on to the summit after the rapid climb in the past days and crashed to the bottom. Yesterday evening 56 thousand dollars Bitcoin, which is watching at levels, in the evening on Thursday 50 thousand dollars fell to the level.

For the first time in the past week 60 thousand dollars The crypto currency, which exceeded the threshold, refreshed its record and made its investors happy. With this record, its value since the end of last year more than three times Bitcoin, which increased, fell again and to great losses caused.

10 percent value loss in 24 hours

Total market cap last month $ 1 trillion Bitcoin has seen an increase in the number of investors in recent days. Virtual money, which adds value to its value, has become the number one address for earning.

Bitcoin’s value graph over the last 24 hours

However, things did not go as expected and Bitcoin could not hold on to the top. 60 thousand dollars The currency that declined day by day after exceeding the threshold, last night 54 thousand dollars had closed at the level.

Bitcoin’s one-week value chart

Virtual money, which did not start well for the new day, continued to decline and 6 thousand dollars in the last 24 hours lost value. With this decline, the virtual currency damaged its investors to a great extent. Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Thursday around the clock 19:10 as of From the level of $ 50,829 trading.

Finally, it is not known how long the decline will continue. However, it is certain that cryptocurrency has lost a lot of investors.

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