23 July 2021
Bitcoin fell hard again, investors are nervous!

Bitcoin sets new record: exceeded $ 60k

Bitcoin, which we have heard frequently recently, continues to remain off the agenda. The world’s largest cryptocurrency is on a record again a month later. Reached last month 61 thousand dollars Virtual money, which rapidly declined after its level, continues to climb to the top with the momentum it has caught in the past days.

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which made a good start to April, is the last For 24 hours 2 thousand dollars went up at once and in the morning hours 60 thousand dollars exceeded. Bitcoin, which has been experiencing occasional ups and downs since the night April 2 as of 09:00 59.528 traded in dollars.

Nearly to break the record of 61 thousand dollars

Has the highest volume in the market Bitcoincontinues its volatile course. Attracting investors with the increase it has achieved from time to time crypto currencyhas become famous for losing as much as it earns.

Bitcoin, which has declined rapidly after the rise it has experienced, continues to be the number one address, although it makes its investors nervous.

Bitcoin’s value in the morning

It is thought that the crypto currency, which started the new month fast, will refresh its record with a new value in the near future. The world’s highest volume virtual currency Bitcoin, in the new day 59 thousand dollars continues to watch at level.

What do you think about Bitcoin’s future? Do you think in the coming days 61 thousand dollars Will it rise to a new level and set a new record? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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