23 July 2021
BitTorrent coin (BTT) and HOT price set new record

BitTorrent coin (BTT) and HOT price set new record

When we say the crypto money market, the first two digital currencies that come to mind Bitcoin and Ethereum. But for the past few days HOT and BitTorrent Coin (BTT) altcoins attracted attention with its ascent. The two cryptocurrencies that started the day with a minus broke a record and rose to their highest values.

BTT and HOT price is breaking new records every day

HOT ve BTT The most popular crypto coins of recent days. BTT price shot as high as 19 percent today and as of 5:20 p.m. 0,008320 rose to value.

Record breaker during the day BTT price 0.008550 came up to their level. The price of virtual currency is for the moment 0.007957 level. Crypto money before 80 percent It showed a big rise like that.

HOT however, it has been rising for a week. Cryptocurrency, also called Holo 0,01000 limit 29 Mart The popular cryptocurrency has been on a huge rise since the beginning of March. HOT price for now 0.02800 dollar (2 cents) level. For the past three days 30 -50 percent increasing in the band crypto money, currently the most traded 27’inch crypto money. BTT in this ranking 19th in order.

What is Bittorrent Coin (BTT), why is it rising?

BTT is built on the Tron platform and TRC-10 A cryptocurrency created with a smart contract. This is BTT’s Bitcoin and Ethereum It provides faster transfer than cryptocurrencies such as.

One of the reasons why cryptocurrency both charges less transaction fees and increases buying and selling faster. Again, the creation of crypto money by BitTorrent has made it popular. BitTorrent It is an important sharing network that we call P2P and emerged in the early 2000s for file sharing.

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The platform, where pirated programs, games and movies are shared, is illegal all over the world. However, the platform that people use to share their own computers only provides users with programs for these shares.

This awareness of the platform is BTT price one of the reasons explaining the rise for. The firm added a new feature to BitTorrent in 2019 to increase the adoption rate of BTT. Company, BitTorrent Speed specifically, it charged a fee for faster file download.

BitTorrent refers to users called Seeds who own the entire file. With this feature, the company also offers to Seeds users in this way. BTT aims to bring in.

What is HOT (HOLO), why is its price rising?

HOT is one of the cryptocurrencies that uses its own network. Holochain This infrastructure, which is called, works differently from the blockchain infrastructure we know. Cryptocurrencies in general blockchain It is based on a crypto system we call. HOT coin was established in 2018. Holochain working in the network.

btt price, bitorrent coin, hot price, holo

The firm that develops crypto money, Holochain aims to establish a decentralized internet network together with its network. First in 2018 Indiegogo project starting as Holochain, HOT cryptocurrency also aims to use it on this platform.

Of the firm Holochain platform is expected to become operational towards the end of this year. HOT crypto money will also be a payment method on this platform. Holochain projesi Finally, it received a patent from the USA on March 25. After this patent news, HOT price started to peak.

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