14 April 2021
BitTorrent Coin takes flight: 80 percent valued

BitTorrent Coin takes flight: 80 percent valued

The crypto money market has been very active in recent weeks. The rapid rise of altcoins like Holo and Ravencoin has been the focus of investors. One of the rising stars of the last days BitTorrent Coin happened.

You may have heard its name from torrenting software that provides file sharing via P2P method. Purchased by TRON in 2018, the system has become a cryptocurrency.

BitTorrent Coin (BTT) value almost doubled

If we look at the 24-hour BTT table, as of now 86 percent the increase is a very serious rate. Market value as of the moment 24,948,582,503 TRYif the circulating supply is 989,947,047,438 BTT Let’s add that. BTT, which is still very variable in value, is one of the altcoins that investors should focus on.

bittorrent coin

We mentioned that the name BitTorrent Coin is quite familiar. Bittorrent is actually P2P logic decentralized file sharing provides. Although we often hear the concept of torrent from pirated content download sites, the existence of this system is legal and its general use is illegal.

Acquired by the crypto currency platform TRON in 2018, the system has been integrated into the blockchain system and BTT crypto money named. BTT uses the TRC-10 standard over TRON’s own blockchain network.

Also, BitTorrent is the world’s largest decentralized P2P transfer system.

BitTorrent Coin We will be conveying the developments related to you.

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