23 July 2021
BitTorrent Coin takes flight: 80 percent valued

BitTorrent keeps rising: 60 percent in 24 hours

Movement continues in the crypto money market. The rising star of the last weeks BitTorrentclimbed again, and in 24 hours 60 percent experienced an increase in value. Altcoins Crypto money, which joined in 2018, has recently become the focus of investors.

Entering the last week of March with a record value and 80 percentmore than BitTorrentMakes its investors smile also in April.

BitTorrent continues to gain attention

Market value with its rise in the new day 12 billion dollars month BTT, new day of the week $ 0.011 watching at the level. BitTorrent, which still maintains the momentum it caught on Sunday noon, although it has experienced small drops in the last 24 hours. 55 percentnever landed under.

BTT, the popular altcoin of the last days, watches on the first day of the week 10:30while showing 0.011302 traded in dollars.

BitTorrent’s bullish chart over the past 24 hours

BitTorrent actually in P2P logic decentralized file sharing provides. Although we often hear the concept of torrent from pirated content download sites, the existence of this system is legal and its general use is illegal.

2018 The system purchased by the cryptocurrency platform TRON in blockhain has been integrated into the system and BTT crypto money named. BTT uses the TRC-10 standard over TRON’s own blockchain network. Although the big brother of the coin is widely used illegally, the crypto money side does not come up with a legal problem. Also, BitTorrent is the world’s largest decentralized P2P transfer system.

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