5 August 2021
BluTV is free this weekend: here's what you need to do

BluTV is free this weekend: here’s what you need to do

With the increasing number of cases, new restrictions came. BluTVIn a statement on Twitter 16-17-18 Aprilall content to users. free will present the way. The platform is in the process of curfew From 10,000 hours will share more content with its users.

With the bans to leave the house during the pandemic period, millions of people took their breath on TV series and movie platforms. BLUTV one of the most watched platform in Turkey, followed by the Twitter sharing, wants to become the preference of thousands of people last week.

BluTV offers all its content for free this weekend

Via BluTV Twitter: β€œWith the increasing number of cases, our door is open to everyone on 16-17-18 April in order to fulfill your enjoyment with the new restrictions for our health. Sit back and enjoy over 10,000 hours of content for free. Have a pleasant time. “ shared.

“Our door is open to everyone” With the slogan, all of the special content on the weekend will be made available free of charge.

As it is known, a number of measures were taken with the increasing number of cases. In the first two weeks of Ramadan weekdays curfew 19 pmwill begin in forbidden 05will end in. Weekends restrictions Only 19starting from Monday sabah 05will end in. The platform has opened its doors to everyone for those who are at home in this process.

Steps you need to take to become a BluTV free member


Steps you need to take to become a BluTV free member

– www.blutv.comLogin to the top notification box “Watch for Free”Click on.

– Enter your information, “Register” Press the button.

– “Go on” Press the button.

– “Approve” Press the button.

– “Start Watching” Press the button. Have a good time!

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