4 August 2021
BluTV made a difference to Netflix!  Here are the most popular platforms

BluTV made a difference to Netflix! Here are the most popular platforms

More and more digital broadcasting platforms are added day by day. While the researches that reveal the usage rates of the existing ones continue, the extent of the competition between platforms is also understood. The utilization rate of digital services operating in Turkey emerged.

Two of the most used platforms It was learned that there were BluTV and Netflix. In addition, the market shares of these two services in our country have also been determined.

Turkey’s largest not Netflix!

Berlin-based TV series and film research company JustWatch, How the publishing platform used in Turkey has revealed. According to data covering the first quarter of 2021, BluTV 43 percent took the leadership seat with its market share. In second place 26 percent While Netflix with its market share; him-her-it 18 percent With last year Amazon Prime entering Turkey, 8 percent followed by the MUBI platform. also other broadcast platforms It was learned that it hosts the 5 percent slice.

Total market share of the top three platforms on the list 87 percent ′corresponds to. This data shows that Turkish viewers concentrate on these services to watch Internet series and movies.

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Turkey market share of digital broadcasting platforms (Q1 2021)

JustWatch does the same research every quarter of the year. The company, which last published a report in the fourth quarter of 2020, 44 percent He had explained that he was. Turkey-based platform this quarter of 1 percent despite the decline He did not leave the leadership. Netflix is ​​arriving in Turkey in 2016 with 26 percent share in the previous quarter by two points It managed to increase to 28 percent. There was no change in Amazon Prime.

BluTV has been on the offensive in recent years

The digital broadcasting platform BluTV, which was established in 2015, has increased its appeal especially in the last year. Adding popular TV series and movies such as Friends and Joker to its catalog, the company also signed international agreements. It expanded its audience by adding Formula 1 and S Sport content.

35 percent of BluTV shares, which attracted investors from abroad to our country, became a partner to the US-based company Discovery. As the fruit of the agreement between the two, Discovery + will be added to BluTV in May. Thus, users will have a lot more content library in exchange for £ 19.90 per month in Turkey.

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