30 July 2021
Boeing 777 aircraft landed due to engine failure

Boeing 777 aircraft landed due to engine failure

Airlines companies in Japan and America, United Airlines’ın In denver 328 After the engine failure in flight numbered, dozens Boeing 777 pulled his plane from flights and landed it. The move in question is expected to spread all over the world in a short time.

Boeing 777 withdraws from flights

According to the ongoing investigation by the American National Transportation Safety Board, fractures have occurred in the two fan blades of the aircraft’s No.2 engine. Federal Aviation Administration too Pratt & Whitney PW 4000 equipped with engines Boeing 777 issued an emergency airworthiness directive requiring an urgent or gradual inspection of its aircraft. The administration noted that as a result of this examination, the aircraft will most likely be withdrawn from service.

boeing-777-planes-down-to-the-ground-due to-engine-failure

on the other hand Wall Street Journal’e by Boeing sent a notice to the airlines companies to prevent their aircraft equipped with this engine from being flown. FEW manager and ex pilot Steve Dickson “After the incident that took place yesterday, we analyzed all available security data. Based on preliminary information, only Boeing We concluded that the hollow fan blades specific to this engine model used in his aircraft should increase the inspection range ”.

Denver and Honolulu planned to go but faced with engine failure shortly after takeoff and safely To Denver Airport Luckily no one was injured on the returning plane. Passengers stated that they heard a big explosion shortly after the plane took off. This claim is proven in the images taken by passengers on the Internet. The video shows the outer shell of the engine being exposed and starting to burn, while a large jet of smoke is covering the air.

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