22 April 2021
Brazil also participated in the satellite race

Brazil also participated in the satellite race

Brazil has launched its first fully developed and operated satellite in the country into orbit.Amazonia 1, Brazilian Space Agency in partnership with Brazil National Space Research Institute developed by.

Satellite, completely Brazil It stands out as the first satellite built with its technology. The satellite sent to watch the world and the Brazilian government Amazon RainforestIt will function to provide data to help monitor deforestation in

Amazonia 1 will track deforestation in Amazon Forest

Amazon Mission within the scope of the satellite, will work in synergy with existing environmental programs. Satellite specifically Amazon It aims to provide remote sensing data to observe and monitor diversified agriculture across the country with a high rate of re-visit in addition to deforestation in its region.

Amazonia 1 satellite from earth 750 kilometers it will orbit at altitude and fly over Brazil every five days. When the satellite is over Brazil 60 meter resolution Range to 850 kilometers It will take a photograph of the place with a camera that can observe.

In addition to the weight of the satellite 600 kilograms that you are on and 2008It should be noted that it has been developed since.

Total cost 71 million dollars Although Amazonia 1 was developed in Brazil, last December Indiasent to and from there Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle launched by a rocket.

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