1 August 2021
Break download record in Google Translate Play Store

Break download record in Google Translate Play Store

Google has set a new record with the ‘Google Translate application, which makes it easier for people speaking different languages ​​to communicate. Application, Play StoreReached 1 billion downloads in

One of Google’s oldest services Google Translate, It is one of the applications people use to communicate with strangers. First translation feature offered for web browsers, then Android and iOS also came to the platform. Google both Android him iOS presented this application to its users with a simple design. It also made the application better.

1 billion downloads on Google Translate Play Store

Continuously updated Google Translate app, now 108 supports language and real-time translation. In addition, the company recently introduced the dark mode feature.

According to reports, the most preferred Google Translate application by users, on the Play Store 1 billion reached a download record on it.

Google’s translation application is very useful when traveling. Thanks to the visual translation in the application, you can easily translate any content you see. At the same time, it is possible to pronounce different sounds without internet with offline mode.

Translate in browser with Translate

Translate used in smart phones can also be used on computers thanks to scanners. To do this, go to Google, ”Google Translate” or “Google Translate” it will be enough to write. Here you can perform the translation process by typing the language you want to translate from the screen that appears.

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