23 July 2021
Bring it was Turkey's second unicorn!

Bring it was Turkey’s second unicorn!

Founded in 2015 and online grocery shopping We have shared with you the allegations that Getir, which makes it come to your door in 10 – 15 minutes by making it, has received a new investment. The allegations turned out to be true and Nazım Salur, founder of GetirWith an investment of 300 million dollars To a valuation of $ 2.6 billion announced that they had reached.

Getir completed its second round of investment with $ 128 million in January. Having completed the third round in two months, Getir increased its valuation to 2.6 billion dollars by receiving a new investment of 300 million dollars from domestic and foreign funds. Bring it, Being the Unicorn in as little as 5.5 years became the first Turkish company.

Yield becomes Unicorn with a valuation of $ 2.6 billion

Getir, which completed two rounds in two months, took the lead of the third round from new investors Silicon Valley-based Sequoia Capital and from available funds New York-based Tiger Global undertook. 7 of the 8 funds that participated in the previous round also participated in this last round.


Despite this investment founders’ shares are still over 50 percent Stating that there is no other example of this in our country, Nazım Salur announced the new countries where Getir will start to operate.

Germany, France and the Netherlands are among the countries where Getir will start operating in the near future. In the second half of the year, activities will start in Brazil. The reason why Brazil was postponed to the second half is that the coronavirus epidemic in the country has not been taken under control.

Founder of Getir, Nazım Salur: “In 2015, we started the delivery model of grocery products in an average of 10 minutes in the world with Getir. Due to the intense interest in our business model, it was possible to get another round of investment before 2 months after the last tour.

By evaluating this, we will focus on faster growth in foreign markets by creating new resources of 300 million dollars. Reaching this valuation we received an investment of $ 2.6 billion, we are happy to be of the Unicorn Turkey.

In the coming months, we will launch Getir operations in Germany, France and the Netherlands. Following the control of the pandemic, we wish to popularize this two-syllable Turkish word in Brazil. I would also like to state that we will share 25 million TL through our dealers to be distributed based on seniority to the courier and warehouse staff, who are the field employees of our dealers, who have made the most important contribution to Getir becoming Unicorn ”.

Turkey’s first unicorn initiative, domestic game company Peak had happened. In June of 2020 in exchange for $ 1.8 billion US-based Zynga sold Peak, it has written its name from the date the first billion-dollar initiative Turkey.

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