30 July 2021
Brings DLSS support for Nvidia Unity

Brings DLSS support for Nvidia Unity

Nvidia, from popular game engines Unity for local DLSS Announced that it will bring support for (deep learning supported super sampling). thus Unity developers support will find the opportunity to easily apply in their games.

Nvidia tries to get closer to developers using Unity

Popular game development engine Unity, 2021from the end of Nvidia‘s DLSS (Deep learning supported super sampling) will be supported and will allow developers to easily implement the feature in their games.

GameSpoAccording to t’s news, Nvidia‘s GTC 2021 In its announcement as part of its event, the company is registered AI assisted subsampling, benefiting from ray tracing Unity He stated that it will provide better performance for the engine. The company thus hopes to see a noticeable performance increase in games using traditional gridded graphics.


A short while ago Unreal Engine added as a development plugin to the engine DLSSWith its new support, it will share its technology with two of the most widely used game engines in the industry. This is also PC’de most of the games played DLSSIt means it will support. Also, the improvement has been to reduce and reduce games for performance gains. NvidiaThe image of the machine learning algorithm will allow it to elevate the image with minimal visual impact.

Vehicle Nvidia GPU He is seen as one of the biggest supporters behind his acquisition. So much so that AMD planning its own version of this technology and using the latest RX 6000 It hopes to be integrated with the series cards by the end of the year.

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