23 July 2021
BTK announced: Increase in mobile phone tariffs

BTK announced: Increase in mobile phone tariffs

Officially, mobile communication operators’ service charges raise came. Information Technologies and Communication Authority‘now (BTK) for domestic calls made from mobile networks according to the decision of the board published on the website and prepared by BTK’s Access and Tariffs Department. fee 73.78 pennytan, 80.64 cents was raised.

After this decision, mobile phone tariffs second time hike in the year has arrived. Service charges, 31 January 2021 domestic calls from mobile lines on From 72.34 kuruş, 73.78 cents output. Mobile call charges after the last raise 3 ay inside percent 11.5An increase has occurred.

There has been an increase of 17.4 percent in the last year

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To what Habertürk reports by Turkcell, TT Mobile and Vodafone mobile tariffs that closely interest users 17.4 percent hike in the last year came. Turkish Statistical Institute‘(TSI) yesterday, according to data released last year increase in the CPI in Turkey, passes recorded as 16.2 percent, last year the CPI increase in wages in the mobile communications services was also passed.

According to the “Mobile Electronic Communication Services Maximum Fee Tariff”, which will be valid as of April 1, 2021, the cost of calling abroad is from 7.34 TL to 8.02 TL; name / title change from 9.56 TL to 10.44 TL; line transfer fee from 13.98 TL to 15.28 TL; number change fee from 31.98 TL to 34.85 TL; SIM card change from 31.98 TL to 34.85 TL; opening / closing fee from 32.53 TL to 35.55 TL; domestic SMS fee is from 53.02 kuruş to 57.96 TL; overseas SMS fee is from 1.30 TL to 1.42 TL; The detailed invoice fee sent by mail (per page) was increased from 97.29 kuruş to 1.06 TL and unknown numbers service fee was increased from 2.08 TL per minute to 2.27 TL.

New tariff including 18 percent Value Added Tax (VAT) and 10 percent Special Communication Tax (SCT), 1 April 2021 started to be implemented as of.

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