21 April 2021
Call of Duty: Cold War weapons are balanced

Call of Duty: Cold War weapons are balanced

Developed by Treyarch Studios Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold Warstabilizes many weapons with the update it will receive next week. The balance of weapons is very important in competitive games such as Call of Duty. Treyarch also announced on its official Twitter account which weapons will be balanced.

Many weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will be balanced

Among the guns to balance AK-74u, MAC-10, Basket and Magnum include weapons such as. Cold WarIf you want the weapons in WarzoneYou can also use it in. Treyarch a while ago allowed players to enter Warzone with weapons from Cold War. Players who want Warzone’s or Cold Warcan play with ‘s weapons. TreyarchThe list of weapons to be balanced and improved has posted on its official Twitter account:

Call of Duty: Cold War

– LC10

– AK-74u

– MAC-10

– KSP 45

– Milano 821

– War 6

– FACT 1

– Basket

– Magnum

– 1911

– RPG-7

– Submachine gun adjustments

Bulletproof vests will be strengthened against rocket launchers

Full update notes Will be published by Treyarch on Monday. This will allow you to see which weapons that are not on the list have been developed and adjusted. TreyarchUnder the list of weapons shared by s, some players stated that sniper rifles were weak, while others stated that sniper rifles were strong and should be adjusted. We will see which weapons have been adjusted in the next update note.

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