30 July 2021
Call of Duty is developing a zombie game

Call of Duty is developing a zombie game

Legendary first person shooter (FPS) series Call of Duty, that we’re used to seeing in their games zombie mode It plans to present it as a separate game from top to bottom. According to reports zombie The game is in early development.

Call of Duty can appear in an independent zombie game

YouTuber Tom Henderson social media platform by Twitter shared via in postto early development Call of Duty zombi The project was claimed. While Henderson did not give much information about the project, he said, “Currently the project is not linked to any topic.” Given that Henderson stated that the project is in an early stage, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War or 2021 It is striking that it is not related to the new game that will be released in year.


However, another fact is Call of Duty The development of the game belongs to a different studio each year and it takes 3 years for a studio to develop the game. For this reason, it seems likely that time will pass before a possible project comes to life. However, Henderson, who made the claim, especially Call of Duty and although it is a trusted source for Battlefield, it has recently Battlefield 6 For speculating with his followers about leaks Twitter It should be noted that his account has been suspended.

Whether a separate game comes or not, zombie fans of the mod Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War It looks like it welcomed the arrival of season 2. The new update to be released will also include the new epidemic mode.

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