30 July 2021
Call of Duty: Warzone returns to the 80s

Call of Duty: Warzone returns to the 80s

Call of Duty Warzone‘a To the 80s a video of his return was leaked. It is stated that the return to the 80s will take place with an event. Activision continues to attract players to Warzone. The game continues to be played with the content it offers.

Call of Duty: Warzone returns to the 80s in April

Call of Duty Warzone The 80s video was thought to be an April 1 joke. VGC stated that the videos are real. Verdansk 80s version of the map April 22will come to the game with an event in. Leaks first appeared on social media platforms such as Twitter, but ActivisionThey have been removed due to copyright of. Removal of videos for copyright has confirmed the leaks. Leaked video for now RedditAvailable in.

First glimpse at 80’s Verdansk from CODWarzone

In the leaked video Soviet Russia There are buildings and structures from the period. Popular locations such as stadiums, dams and airports are shown on the map. A bridge replaces the dam and it seems that the stadium is also under construction.

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