30 July 2021
Changing YouTube channel image and name made easy

Changing YouTube channel image and name made easy

YouTube, the world’s most used video sharing platform, hosts millions of content producers. While the producers share their videos here, they can also use their channels as they wish. they can customize. YouTube, which wants to make it easier for channel owners, simplifying the process of changing information signed an update.

Until this time, the Google account and the YouTube channel name and picture was addicted. The information in the two accounts could not be changed separately. The new update removed this requirement.

Channel image and name can be changed from YouTube app

Until this time YouTube channel name and official profile If you want to change it you had to do it from your Google account. In other words, the information of both was changing at the same time. On the other hand, changing the information of the Google account is also a process that causes stomach ache. This problem, which has been a challenge for content producers, has been solved with the new version of YouTube.

YouTube’a Android and iOS New channel editing options have been added to the application. These include name and photo changing features. Channel owners who access these settings are now directly YouTube from mobile app channel picture and your name they will be able to change. The information you change here will not affect your Google account in any way. It will only be specific to your channel.

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New editing options have been added to the YouTube app

You can access the new settings of YouTube by following the steps outlined below:

– Open the YouTube app.
– Click on the profile picture in the upper right corner.
– Enter your channel section.
– Click the Edit Channel button.

The page that opens will bring you YouTube’s new options. You have to tap the information you want to edit once. Arrangement section appears and it is enough to save it after completing your request.

After making a name change, your channel custom URL not affected by this. It’s also worth noting that the updates may take a few minutes to reflect on your channel and subscribers.

Those with verified accounts should pay attention

If your account has a verification badge, it’s a good idea to think twice before changing the name of your channel. According to the news of Engadget, making a name change verification badge removal from the channel why is this happening. The creator needs to apply to YouTube to get it again.

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