19 June 2021
China named Mars vehicle after fire god

China named Mars vehicle after fire god

China Mars mission to the spacecraft he sent for Zhurong gave his name. Chinese officials named the Mars rover from the god of fire and war reported that he received. Xinhua News AgencyCNSA executive assistant Wu YanhuaHe quoted the words of. Yanhua said they named the vehicle because it “fired the fuse of China’s Mars exploration”.

The vehicle was launched along with the Tianwen-1 spacecraft on July 23, 2020. Traveler, Tianwen-1 It is located on the spacecraft named. Tool to search for evidence of life in May Mars will land on the surface. In addition to the rover, Tianwen-1 also has an orbit, camera and landing craft.

The Mars exploration mission is just one of the space missions China has focused on in recent years. Except mars China wants to send people to the Moon too. They took their first steps in this direction in 2019. China succeeded the first by landing a spacecraft in a remote area of ​​the Moon that has not yet been discovered. Then, in December, he brought Moonstones to Earth for the first time since the 1970s.

China also announced the land where the Mars rover will land

China National Space AgencyThe title of the spacecraft that will land on Mars is also fire star explained that it meant. Name the title “Huo XingThey stated as ”. The agency stated that the name given to the vehicle is compatible with the title.

China Mars reconnaissance mission Tianwen-1

China National Space Agency (CNSA) shared this image of Tianwen-1’s Mars journey on December 16, 2020. (Photo: AP / CNSA)

Chinese officials also announced the area where the vehicle will land. Vehicle, likely in 1976 Viking 2 landed covered with rocks Utopia will land in the Planitia area. The United States sent the Viking 2 vehicle to Mars as part of the Viking program. Vehicle on the surface of the Red Planet 1.281 Mars days worked. When the batteries were exhausted on April 11, 1980, US officials shut down the vehicle.

CNSA, Tianwen-1’in Mars its surface and its geology He said that he will analyze. This tool will map the surface of Mars, water will search for ice and will collect data on climate. Tianwen-1 had entered Mars orbit on February 10th and will land on the Red Planet in May or June. The vehicle completes a tour in orbit in 2 Mars days (49 hours and 14 minutes).

After China, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the United States Third country to send rover robots to Mars it will be.

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