14 April 2021
China's Steve Jobs: Who is Xiaomi founder Lei Jun?

China’s Steve Jobs: Who is Xiaomi founder Lei Jun?

“Who is the founder of Xiaomi” short answer to the question Lei Jun hidden in the name. But this business person is much more than just an ordinary company owner. One of the 4 largest smartphone manufacturers in the world The brand that succeeded in becoming, actually owes all of its success to Jun and the team he founded.

So, how did Xiaomi manage to become one of the leading brands in the world in such a short time? More importantly, the architect of this Lei Jun Why does he choose to be out of sight despite his reputation?

To understand the rise of Xiaomi, first of all, “Who is Lei Jun?We need to learn the answer to the question ”comprehensively. Otherwise, China’s favorite smartphone manufacturer it’s hard for us to really have an idea about it.

The man rising from zero to the top

Lei was born in 1969 in Xiantao, China’s Hubei province. He settled in Wuhan with his family during his childhood. In 1991, at Wuhan University Computer Science started his undergraduate education in the field. A book he met here would radically affect Jun’s life.

The work in question Steve Jobs it was a biography written about. With this work “Who is Lei Jun?” The question started to take shape gradually. The famous entrepreneur of the future was the founder of Apple in those years. role model did. His biggest dream was to become a leader as good as him one day. All his school credits with the ambition he got from Jobs in two years he graduated early by giving.

Steve Jobs

Apple’s founder Steve Jobs changed Lei Jun’s life.

Sold his first company to Amazon

After completing college, Lei Jun’s first stop is a Chinese software company Kingsoft happened. MicrosoftIn the company that draws attention with its resemblance to antivirus, game and even e-commerce He gained experience in such matters. When the calendars showed in 1998, he took over the company. Here Chairmanship and CEO got the titles.

While continuing to work at Kingsoft, Lei made an interesting venture. in 2000 Joyo.com judicial online book sales established the platform. In four years, the site has grown tremendously. This platform in 2004 Amazon to the company 75 million dollars sold in exchange.


Lei Jun sold its online bookstore platform to Amazon.

In those years, the name Xiaomi was in the back of his mind. After spending many years at Kingsoft company Jun, due to health problems He made his resignation. But the entrepreneurial spirit was never exhausted! As an angel investor UCWeb, YY, UC and Vancl It has supported many successful start-up projects. But Lei’s real dream mobile technology was to enter the field. Finally, he provided the appropriate conditions for this and took the first step towards realizing that idea he had been thinking for years.

Founded Xiaomi in 2010

Here is finally “Who is Lei Jun?” That attempt was made to start defining the question. Lei rising rapidly mobile phone He was very eager to enter his world. But it needed a team to make it happen. At this point, the former Google employee Bin Lin entered your life. Motorola between the two Zhou Guangping and Liu OfThey also took. In a short time, from Kingsoft to the team At the Wanqiang, Wong Kong Kat and from Google Hong Feng also joined the team. Thanks to this, Xiaomi’s first seeds were officially planted.

Xiaomi, which means millet and rice in Chinese, agreed with big investors at the beginning stage. Temasek Holdings, IDG Capital, Qiming Venture Partners and Qualcomm Companies like Lei Jun and his team saw that light. Within the first three months Android based on MIUI firmware released.

Lei Jun

Xiaomi started its operations in 2010 with its founder staff of six people.

The goal was to make the user experience as simple as possible. But the software is generally Apple’s to the iOS operating system it looked like. But those who knew Jun a little already knew it wasn’t a coincidence. Because he is still a firm Steve Jobs was a fan.

Xiaomi’s extraordinary rise

By 2011 Xiaomi Mi 1 With the company produced the first smartphone model. In 2013 Wed 3 released. Again the same year Sony first with cooperation Smart TV devices were produced. In 2014, the company decided to open up to the foreign market. Respectively Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, Turkey, began sales in Brazil and Mexico.

Lin Jun is the most expensive domain name in history Mi.com‘u 3.6 million dollars bought in exchange. While the company continues to grow rapidly; It started to serve in almost all countries of the world. Smart phone and television new products were added to its production. Car apps, home appliances, bags, shoes and they invested much more. Xiaomi’s popular sub-brands LITTLE and Redmi came to life.


Xiaomi has become one of the biggest smartphone brands in the world.

After the past 11 years, Xiaomi worldwide Nearly 20 thousand employees owned it. While the product range continues to grow day by day; company Apple, Samsung and Huaweiafter fourth largest smartphone manufacturer reached its position. According to Forbes data, this is the company’s CEO Lei Jun’un serveti approximately For 12.5 billion dollars reached.

Who is Lei Jun in his personal life?

Leveraging his success thanks to Xiaomi, Lei Jun has achieved many important titles. One of them is Honorary Professor at Wuhan University was chosen. Leaving his classmates far behind, the entrepreneur is also in China National People’s Congress delegate was appointed as. In a limited time, he became one of the leading business people of his country in his field.

Lei Jun

Who is Lei Jun?

But he has never had a hobby like other people. He just like his idol Steve Jobs devoted himself to work. Married and has two children, Lei always avoided coming up with her personal life. Exceptional work pace and workaholic personality It prevented Jun from getting stuck in the past. The billionaire businessperson never mentioned his struggles throughout his career. Only “todayHe was interested in ”. So only successfully appearing in the public eye preferred.

Still still “Who is Lei Jun?” If you think he is in his own country Çin’in Steve Jobs’u and is very happy to be called as such. According to him, the success of the company is always ahead of his personal success.

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