21 April 2021
Chrome page preview came to Androids

Chrome page preview came to Androids

Google Chrome’a The last major update to the mobile version introduced a grid for tabs and the ability to group them. Today Android‘e another coming Chrome The attachment also makes it possible to preview a page without opening it completely.

Chrome page preview will bring many features

Only in the first place Android’de The existing feature is accessed by tapping the preprocessing page that appears after a long press on a link. The feature that appears between the Copy Link Address and Open In Incognito Tab options will take up most of the screen for that particular page. However, it cannot be expanded. The small but useful feature will also allow you to check the content quickly without having to leave the current web page completely.

New page preprocessing feature, with server side update Android for Chrome 89’da is being made available. The feature has been available in other browsers for a while. iOS we have safari we have to Edge, It defaults to preview the web page on which you long press a link, and by default there is no need to add the Preprocess page option from the menu. To close the preview, click in the upper right corner. ‘x’ or it is possible to slide the pull tab to close it.

Chrome’an Android’de link previews support has been running for a while, and XDA Developers in December 2018 while still in development. But now it appears to be available to everyone without having to be manually enabled.

Source: 9to5Google

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