1 August 2021
Cinematic experience with Philips Soundbar speaker!

Cinematic experience with Philips Soundbar speaker!

Today televisions up to 8K resolution able to present and Netflix’ten YouTubeAlthough it has turned into technological devices that contain all applications, the number of users who want much more, especially in terms of sound, is quite high.

One of the products we come across in this context is Philips TAB6405 / 10 ve TAB6305 / 10 Soundbar speaker. They look like two different models, but the only difference between them is the color.

Philips Soundbar offers a total output power of 140W

Ideal for those looking for a low-stand TV, this ultra-slim soundbar is low enough to be placed under virtually any TV and comes with a wireless subwoofer.

2.1 channel device, Dolby Digital format supports. In this way, an immersive sound experience becomes possible, while movies or music become more enjoyable thanks to the rich bass.

Connected to your TV via HDMI ARC, Philips soundbar offers the opportunity to control the volume directly from the TV remote. The supplied IR repeater makes the soundbar the TV’s Even if you place it in front of the IR sensor Allows you to use your TV remote control.

With 80W speaker output power accompanied by 60W subwoofer output power, total output power of 140W RMS is reached.

You can click here for the silver color option

You can click here for the black color option.

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