30 July 2021
Claims are rotten, Pixel 5A 5G is coming!  Here is the release date

Claims are rotten, Pixel 5A 5G is coming! Here is the release date

Google middle segmented Pixel 5A 5G officially announced his smartphone. The company has not disclosed the features of the device for now. However, the model in question crisis in chip supply It debunked the rumors that it was shelved for reasons.

A report regarding rumors that the expected phone was canceled Google spokesperson He did an explanation. While saying that Pixel 5A 5G was not canceled; in this year ABD and Japan He said that it will go on sale in the markets. He also stated that the device will be announced on the same dates as the A series phone that was released last year.

Google will introduce Pixel 5A 5G device in August

Statements made by Google spokesperson are for the budget-friendly model. problems arising from the supply chain It came right after the allegations that it would be canceled. The company that denies all this news, the Pixel 5A 5G in August heralded that he would announce. Because last year came to the shelves Pixel 4A model also appeared before the consumer in the same period.

Google new Pixel phone Although it did not decide to cancel it, it somehow acknowledged the chip supply problems in the market. That’s why the company plans to release its new model in only two countries for now. The arrival of the device in other countries is according to first estimates Year 2022 can be found.

Expected specifications of Pixel 5A 5G

Google Pixel 5A 5G appeared in the Android Open Source Project last summer. 6,2 inç Full HD+ resolution and HDR supported YOU ARE the panel will contain. 90 Hz The device that is expected to provide a refresh rate is allegedly dual camera will be released with the support. Visually, it will be announced as a slightly improved version of Pixel 4A 5G, according to estimates.

Just like the series published last year 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage The popular processor of mid-range phones according to the device estimates that will provide the option Snapdragon 765G It will come with the chipset. If the price of Google Pixel 5A 5G 350 ila 400 dolar expected to be between.

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