4 August 2021
Clubhouse alternative Reddit Talk announced

Clubhouse alternative Reddit Talk announced

Social media applications feature duplicates a situation we are familiar with. The fact that the “stories” feature we first saw on Snapchat has come to almost all social media platforms is the greatest example of this. As the latest example of this situation Reddit, Talk announced the live voice call feature named.

Reddit Talk announced: How is it different from Clubhouse?

Talk, which will be built into Reddit, is essentially a live audio platform. Reddit’s difference from Clubhouse with subdirectories (subreddit) to be integrated. Reddit is a very similar platform to forums, and there are communities for every topic. For example, subforums where only a movie, an artist or a game is discussed. with less complexity provides access to content.

Reddit Talk can also be used in these sub-forums. Sub forum moderators will be able to start a live conversation and invite users. The interviews that take place will enable the exchange of ideas about the content of the forum.

reddit talk

There is another way to use it that is more attractive than talking on certain dates on scheduled dates. For example, while watching a live TV show, a sports match or a competition, on Reddit Talk real time chat you will be able to. We will see different ways of using the service soon.

The feature is currently only closed beta limited to its users. This beta process from the form here You can register. The developers will put you on a waiting list based on your answers. If you are included in the closed beta, you will be notified by e-mail. You can contribute to the development process with the feedback you send to the developers in closed beta.

Twitter Spaces yesterday, Reddit Talk today: Clubhouse trend spreads rapidly

App iOS only to be present and by invitation accepting members is a major obstacle to reaching potential users. Clubhouse while having trouble finding investment social media giants will have seen the potential of the idea that they are producing their own alternatives.


The one that reaches the widest audience among the alternatives that have emerged so far Twitter Spaces. The feature built into the application can be used by everyone. Apart from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Spotify have already announced their work on this idea. If Clubhouse wants to spread its unique experience to large masses, it has to take a step in this regard.

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