30 July 2021
Clubhouse alternatives don't end: Now it's Reddit!

Clubhouse alternatives don’t end: Now it’s Reddit!

Clubhouse-like voice chat apps continues to proliferate rapidly. Facebook to this area Hotline entered with, Twitter if Spaces had opened the feature in beta version. LinkedIn, TikTok and Telegram While platforms such as continue to develop services with similar features; last week Discord, Stage Channel had offered the feature to all users. The last step is the social discussion site Reddit came from the platform.

According to allegations Redditworks quietly for a voice chat platform run by moderators. Mashable The website, named, revealed in an interview with the source that the feature is still in an early stage of development.

Reddit launches subscription-based voice chat feature

For now Reddit’s voice chat feature Information about is very limited. However, the first estimates that this feature in the platform “power-upsIt suggests that it will be presented under the title. This initiative, which the company launched for the first time last year, is a new subscription based makes it possible to test functions.

The “power-ups” title on the platform has many privileged features. Among them HD quality video upload and publish, double the file size limit and Add GIFs to comments There are options such as. Power-ups are thought to become more advanced with the arrival of the Clubhouse-like voice chat feature soon.


Reddit is bringing the Clubhouse alternative voice chat feature to life.

Announcing a full range of innovations to its users last month, Reddit He made the following statement:

“The new experiments we have done, subdirectories It helps us create a framework that allows us to add enjoyable features to it. We are starting out with a few carefully selected features and you will be asked what is included in our early testing. to communities we expect you to join. “

Although Reddit Clubhouse alternative Although it has given the first hints for the feature in the past months, there is no official statement that it will officially open it to users. According to the leaked information, although the platform is currently running its test studies, it may also decide to abandon this feature completely in the future.

Released in March 2020 Clubhouse application It has inspired many platforms in a short time. Big companies like Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack, TikTok, Facebook, and many more have started developing their own voice-based chat features. What do you think Reddit can be successful with its voice chat feature similar to Clubhouse? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us.

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