28 July 2021
'Clubhouse Android' ready: here's the exciting sharing

‘Clubhouse Android’ ready: here’s the exciting sharing

Voice chat based social network application Clubhouse, Android It is not available on smartphones with the operating system. It has been confirmed by the authorized names that the platform, which is currently appealing to iOS users, will make up for this deficiency. Founding Partner of Clubhouse Paul Davidson, Said presence on Android is a high priority for them.

Clubhouse Android app There was an exciting event about him. A developer who was involved in the production process made a post on his social media account, hinting that the application will be available very soon.

Clubhouse Android app ready to use

Software developer Mopewa OgundipeTakes part in the construction process of the Clubhouse application. From your social media account “How did it start / How is it going?” Ogundipe, who made a themed post, shared two screenshots of Clubhouse.

In one of the images Mopewa Ogundipeappears on the profile of “Sent from my Pixel” (sent from my Pixel device) his expression attracted attention. This expression is for that screenshot of Ogundipe. Google Pixel the model shows that it is bought from a smartphone. Clubhouse Android It is understood that the development process of the application has been completed to a great extent and is ready for use.

Mopewa Ogundipe, Clubhouse Android He said that he was not the only person in the team that developed the application. However, Ogundipe did not share any other information on this topic.

Likely to be available in May

It is unknown when the beta or stable version of the application will be released. But a researcher Morgan Evetts shared some information on the subject. Quoting the tweet shared by Mopewa Ogundipe, the Clubhouse Android app 6 months in development process said that.

Morgan Yests also claimed that the app could be released in May. But Clubhouse developer Mopewa Ogundipe He did not make any explanation for these allegations. If Yests’ claim is true, it will be the long-awaited: Clubhouse will finally take its place in Android smartphones.

Clubhouse impacted rival social networks

Monthly 8 million Clubhouse, which has an active user, can only be used on iPhone for now. The application, which is expected to be released on Android soon, is experiencing a major deficiency in this platform. Taking advantage of this, the opponents rolled up their sleeves to fill the Clubhouse’s void.

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The first competitor to the platform that allows users to communicate via voice chat rooms was from Twitter. also Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Discord, Reddit and Telegram They had joined the platforms that were caught in the Clubhouse wind.

How do you evaluate the impact of social media giants by Clubhouse application? You can share your opinion in the comments.

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