18 April 2021
Clubhouse will now save users money!

Clubhouse will now save users money!

Social media platform with voice chat Clubhouse announced the new support program for content producers. Platform for the first time a system to pay royalties to its users announced that it would launch.

Making money from the clubhouse It is no longer a dream… Many users have dreamed of the day such a system would be introduced since the first day the platform was launched. Finally, application developers made their first move in this regard. In the beginning, although in a limited number of major will provide financial support to content producers confirmed.

It is possible to earn money from the clubhouse!

For creative social media users Clubhouse Creator First The program was officially announced today on the company’s official Twitter account. Voice based live chat applicationlaunched a special system for users who want to reach more people. However, the program, which is purchased from all over the world, is 20 content producers It was announced that it was restricted with.

Clubhouse, which will provide financial and moral support to these lucky users, summarized the new program to support content producers with the following sentences:

Clubhouse Creator First is an acceleration program designed to help aspiring content creators in Clubhouse host great conversations, build their audiences, and earn money. If you want to be a part of it, please apply!

Clubhouse monetization

Clubhouse announced its new program that will save money for its users.

How to apply for Clubhouse Creator First program?

A link to the form page has been shared for users who want to join the program. While users are asked to share various personal information here, what kind of content they create, the number of daily accesses It is also requested to give details such as. Also for the Clubhouse team to review 3 minute sample audio recording is also wanted.

You too Making money from the Clubhouse app If you want to take advantage of this unique opportunity for to the link you can click. If the answer is positive, you will receive a reply from your e-mail address!

For now only iOSsupported in Clubhouse application according to the latest reports Over 8 million downloads in the App Store reached its number. The application you can register via invitation will be available soon. Android version will also release. However, for now, no date has been shared on this subject. What are your ideas about Clubhouse? Especially earning money After the move, you can share your ideas about the application with us!

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