30 July 2021
Clubhouse's one-year increase in value is astonishing

Clubhouse’s one-year increase in value is astonishing

Clubhouse, the most popular social media tool of the last period, added value to the momentum it has achieved in the last year. The value of social media app with sound For 4 billion dollars reached.

Clubhouse wants to ‘flourish all over the world’

According to the news of Bloomberg DST Global, Tiger Global companies and businessman Elad Gilventure capital firm with the participation of Andreessen Horowitz The new investment program managed by 4 billion dollars raised.

In addition, the managers of the social networking platform made a statement that they wanted to develop the platform in order to meet the increasing demand and for this. new investors reported that they accepted.

Clubhouse, whose value has reached billions of dollars, said the following on the subject; “We accepted new investors to strengthen the platform’s infrastructure and to meet more users.”

Managers are also now “to thrive all over the worldHe also emphasized that.

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