28 July 2021
CoD: Warzone is on the agenda this time with a very different trick

CoD: Warzone is on the agenda this time with a very different trick

Call of Duty: Warzone, Battle Royale Undoubtedly one of the most popular games in its genre. This popularity also attracts the attention of cheaters, as Warzone’s popularity increases, it will continue to attract players. Tricks usually It is done by taking advantage of a vulnerability in the game. The cheat can directly affect an item or a weapon. In its simplest form, a cheat can make it easier for the user to target. The new cheat that has appeared in Warzone can make you forget what you have seen before because the cheating player uses an item that is not in the game.

The cheating CoD: Warzone player uses an item not in the game

Recently Call of Duty: Warzonedeveloper of Raven Software, 500 thousand players announced that they banned them for using cheating. CoD: Warzone Since it is a free game, it doesn’t have much deterrence on cheaters. You may encounter a lot of cheats in free games. Developers play a big role in the fight against cheaters. Cheating players can use different ways. Reddit user yesterday PerfectEffiency8, He discovered a different cheat in Call of Duty: Warzone.

I’ve NEVER been in a game with a hacker like this. He died at super when his aim bot kept locking onto zombies. But it quit the entire lobby out when he died.. games a joke watch till the end he even has night vision goggles from CODWarzone

The player using the cheat Warzonenot in through night vision goggles taking advantage. It means that the developers of the cheat removed the Night Vision Goggles from their game files. Because the main game Modern Warfare has night vision goggles and you can use it in missions. This has shown us how much cheat programmers have developed.

also 13 April‘gives Yungstaz6 Twitch publisher named Twitch also shared the footage of the same cheat on his Twitter account. Yungstaz6 “Cheaters are evolving. We need to talk Raven Software. He automatically pings everyone in the lobby and wears night vision goggles on Warzone. “I’ve never seen this in a cheater before,” he said.

Although Warzone players have trouble with cheaters, the game will switch to the new season. Raven Software from the official Twitter account “21 April at 12:00 The End is Approaching …”He made a post in the form of. With the new season, many vulnerabilities in the game will be fixed.

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