4 August 2021
CoD: Warzone will fix important bugs with its 3rd season

CoD: Warzone will fix important bugs with its 3rd season

Call of Duty: Warzone, With the 3rd season, a number of mistakes will be fixed. New to the game operator skin and Sykov The gun named has received too many complaints from the players. Sykov With its features, it provides many advantages to the players who use it.

The weapon is a ambidextrous submachine gun. Sykov, per minute 880 rounds It can fire and a good Warzone player can neutralize his opponent in as little as 477 – 614 milliseconds. A well-known YouTuber and CoD player JGODSykov also disclosed the power he has on his personal Twitter account.

CoD: Warzone will fix the problems reported by the players with the 3rd season

SykovWarzone has harassed its players. Likewise, Roze’s newcomer to the game Near Dark skin gives a great advantage to the players who use it. Near Dark skin players using it are almost invisible in dark spots in buildings. On this situation named chippythehippie Reddit user, He shared the video that best reflects the problem 8 days ago.

This is what we have to go through with black roze skins Fix your goddamn game. from CODWarzone

It seems that the player initially turns to the side where he hears the voices. The actor does not notice anything at first, but suddenly from the dark part Pink skyrockets. Above the rose Near Dark covering. In a dark area Pink’u it’s really hard to notice. In the video below, it can be seen what kind of fire rate Sykov has.

The new Sykov is downright ignorant from modernwarfare

Warzone’s developer Raven Softwarestated that all these errors will be eliminated by the 3rd season. With this announcement, Raven Software relieved the players. Roze’s Near Dark skin and Sykov’s problematic features will be resolved in season 3.

Call of Duty Warzone’un Its third season will start on April 22nd.

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