30 July 2021
Competitor to Xiaomi: Oppo Air Charging revealed

Competitor to Xiaomi: Oppo Air Charging revealed

MWC Shanghai its event officially started today and Oppo, rolling smartphone X 2021 fully wireless with model Air Charging technology introduced.

We saw at the Xiaomi event held towards the end of last month Mi Air Charge technology thus became the first competitor.

Oppo X 2021 rollable phone and Air Charging revealed

In April 2020 Similar to FreeVOOC announcing air charging technology OppoWith this technology, it came to the fore with the ability to reach a constant charging power of 5-10W within 10 meters.

Emerging today Air Charger Although the working principle of the technology is not fully explained, it is predicted that the technology announced last year will be a version equipped with new features.

In the details revealed in the 30-second video Oppo X 2021It is seen that the phone screen enlarges with a vertical movement from the side of. The phone, whose screen is enlarged, continues to charge when it is raised.

In the Mi Air Charge technology introduced by Xiaomi, the built-in beacon antennas on the air charge provide full wireless charging that provides up to 5W of charging to compatible phones with receivers up to several meters away.

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