23 July 2021
Cortana has ended for iOS and Android!  Service removed

Cortana has ended for iOS and Android! Service removed

Microsoft, own Surface on multiple devices, including headphones Cortana ended support. Firm application as well App Store ‘and him the Google Play Store’dan lifted.

Cortana will still be accessible through Windows

Earlier Microsoft made by on share, “As we announced in July, Cortana While continuing its development as a productivity assistant, Android and iOS‘ta Cortana We will end support for the application soon. 31 Mart 2021 As of we have created Cortana its content is now Cortana It will not work on the mobile app. But still Windows access will be possible via. Cortana’da Reminders, lists, and tasks included are hereinafter Microsoft To Do it will be available in the application ”.


Firstly Nisan 2014’te published and Android in December 2015 and iOS released for Cortana, initially With Windows 10 PCs It was designed to connect mobile phones. However, it failed to attract attention. Microsoft CEO’s Satya Nadella is also the company’s other with digital assistants He stated that he had difficulty competing. This is also Microsoft’s Cortana no longer Alexa and Google Assistant revealed that he does not see him as a competitor.

Microsoft Cortana When it was first launched, he dreamed of a system that would work together with many technological devices such as refrigerators and thermostats. However, this dream ended with the removal of the digital assistant. But still literally Cortana’s We can’t say it’s over. For Microsoft, Stating that he still sees value in this project, he is trying to redesign his assistant as an assistant that can improve corporate-oriented works.

Source: The Verge

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