28 July 2021
Countdown to spacewalk from NASA!  How is it monitored?

Countdown to spacewalk from NASA! How is it monitored?

The most expensive production ever built International Space Station, will host an important event. Of the United States of America agency responsible for space studies NASA, to two astronauts next Sunday spacewalk will do. This dangerous incident live will be published.

NASA astronauts will take a spacewalk

Task two NASA astronaut Kate Rubins and Victor Glover by On the International Space Station being executed. Station from earth 408 KM at a distance, sitting in the orbit of the Earth. The astronauts, who will be in space for six and a half hours, will make some modifications and parts to the outer shell of the station. Two astronaut Its main task will be to renew solar panels. market The spacewalk that will take place, 235. will happen so far. If two astronauts NASA spacewalk will do this for the third time under his roof.

According to the statement, the existing solar panels are still operational. However, the panels that are beginning to show their age need to be changed. The panels that power the station are especially 15 years Built to last. Existing panels, however, are approximate For 21 years in use. The new more efficient panels reduce the energy generated by the station. 160 kWh’den 215’e will take out.


How and when do I watch?

NASA He will broadcast the dangerous mission live using cameras at the station and in the astronauts’ clothes Broadcasting Pacific by the watch 01: 30’da it will be. The clock Turkey Sunday, February 28 at 12:30 will come true. Event from the video below or NASA YouTube You can watch it live from the channel.

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