30 July 2021
COVID-19 cyberattacks now burn Oxford's head

COVID-19 cyberattacks now burn Oxford’s head

Oxford University, the other day COVID-19 an external source for the security system of the laboratories conducting the examinations. cyber attack announced that it was done. The perpetrators of the attack It failed to reach the vaccine development data of the center, which is shown as one of the best biology laboratories. Thus, the university, COVID-19 cyberattacks to be the last victim.

COVID-19 cyberattacks continue to cause headaches

Strubi The laboratory, which is part of the Structural Biology Department known as, Oxfrod Vaccine Group and Jenner Institute carried out by With the COVID-19 vaccine development program There is no indication that it is directly linked. However, it is not possible to obtain precise information about which data may have been compromised.


Forbes’un to your news by Hold Security Chief technology officer of the cyber security firm named Alex Holden, laid out evidence of intrusion. It remains unclear whether the attackers’ intention was to steal data or potentially sabotage ongoing investigations. Speaking on the topic Oxford University spokesperson “We identified the problem and got it under control. We are now increasing your research. Since it is not done on the affected area no clinical trials were endangered “ used the expressions.

The spokesperson, however, had some of the articles accessed coronavirus He also stated that it contains purification devices for processing biochemical samples containing proteins used in their research. There is also an emphasis on the possibility that the attackers may not be affiliated with any government and instead seek valuable research to sell in underground markets.

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