23 July 2021
Crazy patent from Huawei: Long-range wireless charging

Crazy patent from Huawei: Long-range wireless charging

Today, many technology companies, new patents They are working hard to take the technology they have in their hands to the next level. One of these companies Huawei, wireless charging distances to line level. received a new patent that issued it.

As it is known, wireless charging technologies used today, placing two coils directly opposite each other It works with logic. For this reason, the distance in between is almost nonexistent.

CN112564295A The patent with broadcast number will provide the opportunity to work at very long ranges, unlike the wireless charging technologies used today.

Huawei patent will use objects to increase charging range

If the new patent of Huawei company is implemented, such as iron, aluminum, copper, other alloys and metal pipes substances with higher conductivity than air will be able to work with. This means that objects and substances such as people, animals, soil and sea water whose conductivity of the new technology is higher than air, will be used to increase the wireless charging range. means.

Imagine holding a phone in your hand. Without putting the phone anywhere the ability to charge while holding it in your hand it will be. Thanks to this patent, objects around you are used to charge the phone. conductor task will undertake.

huawei patent

There is currently no clear information about whether this technology will be implemented or not. However, according to the information received, Huawei was the first to use this technology as smart wristbands and smart watches. on wearable technologies will use. In this way, a smart bracelet or watch, even on our arm It will be easily charged from a distance of several meters.

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