23 July 2021
Criminals got away with Apple Watch

Criminals got away with Apple Watch

Find my device undoubtedly one of the most important features in smart devices. In this way, users significantly increase the chance of finding lost or stolen electronics. The clearest example of this took place in Brazil last week. big River Police, Apple Watch on you “Find” Using his feature, he caught the armed robbers.

Robbers caught thanks to Apple Watch

Robbery, last week In brazil It was carried out by three people in military uniforms. One piece of thieves Apple Watch, vanished, stealing cars and some valuables. However, a feature of the smart watch that they did not notice caused them to be caught quickly. Police Apple Watchabove “find” Thanks to his feature, he was able to locate the robbers. Smart watches, cars and other items stolen after the operation were handed over to their owners.


Police reports, Apple Watch It does not specifically mention its features. However, based on its role in the raid, it is possible to say that the clock has a cellular connection. When this function is activated, as long as the device is not turned off momentarily location tracking can be done.

How to turn on Find My on iPhone and iPad devices?

Apple Watch, It is not the only device with this feature. Both Android, him the iOS It is actually quite easy to open this security measure. All users have to do is enter the settings in their smart products and activate the find my device option. In an unfortunate situation that may happen later, according to your device Google or Apple‘in To determine the location by entering the relevant site. At the same time, users can lock their devices and wipe their data completely with this method, except to find them.

To find, lock or delete a smart device, this device:

  • The device must be turned on
  • One Google or Apple Account must be signed in
  • Must be connected to mobile data or wifi
  • Location feature must be turned on
  • Find My Device must be turned on

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