18 April 2021
Critical step for 5G modem from Apple

Critical step for 5G modem from Apple

Apple, It decreases the foreign dependency in the products it produces day by day. The company that took the first step by producing its own mobile processor M1, 5G modem It has also rolled up its sleeves for its production.

Apple does not want to be foreign dependent on 5G

One Barclys According to the claim made by his analyst, Apple, 5G modem started to work on the subject. The company is currently in the supply chain for this modem. Qorvo and Broadcomm works with. Actually, this is not a very surprising move. US technology giant, last year Intel’in It had acquired the department that produced modems for smartphones, and the company was expected to make this move. The modem developed according to the incoming information is both 6 GHz, him the mmWave 5G’yi will support.

However, this will not be a rapid transition period. Apple, currently developed by Qualcomm on its phones Snapdragon X55 using a modem. It takes a certain amount of time for a new modem to be developed and ready for use. Therefore iPhone models, 2021 in the year Snapdragon X60 and in 2022 Snapdragon X65 It will come with a modem.

Apple 5G

Depending on the development process, the company will either use its own modem in 2023 or Snapdragon X70 will prefer. In any case, the modem is not expected to be available before 2023. Presumably Apple 5G modem, long-time partner of the company TSMC It will be produced by. In this way, the company will have produced one more part itself and will reduce foreign dependency a little more.

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