30 July 2021
Crypto money statement from the Presidency - ShiftDelete.Net

Crypto money statement from the Presidency – ShiftDelete.Net

There is a great confusion in our country about cryptocurrencies, which has attracted great attention due to the price increases experienced recently. The prohibition of payments with cryptocurrency and the Thodex emphasis, which has been on the country’s agenda for two days, raised big questions in mind.

Of this situation impact on legal regulationsWhile wondering how it will be, on the other hand, people who do not know about the subject claiming that the crime is in cryptocurrencies it causes a completely false perception to spread.

Chief Advisor to the President: Cryptocurrency regulations are on the way!

Regarding studies on cryptocurrencies “Will be completed in a short timeCemil Ertem, Chief Advisor to the President, answered Bloomberg’s question.

Stating that the relevant institutions, especially the Central Bank, are continuing their work, Ertem, “Regulations on this issue are also in our reform program. Turkey, following the global side also well suited to their own economic system, market regulation will make peace with him.

In this regard, I believe that very fast arrangements should be made in terms of both the correct evaluation of our citizens’ savings and the formation of structures that gain unfair gain, and this will be done as soon as possible He spoke in the form.

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