30 July 2021
Cryptocurrency statement from Paribu: Precautions necessary

Cryptocurrency statement from Paribu: Precautions necessary

While concerns about the crypto money market peaked after the Thodex hit, a statement came from Paribu, one of the important players in the industry. Paribu, which has 3.4 million users, stated that they have been in contact with state institutions for a long time regarding regulations protecting the rights of investors. The statement drew attention to the emphasis that investors’ assets are under guarantee.

Crypto money assurance from Paribu

Paribu statement made as follows: found 3.5 million users, transactions subject to volume with Turkey’s largest trading platform as being crypto news and social media sharing We’re now watching the developments with all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Since our establishment in 2017, we have emphasized the necessity of regulations for the healthy development of the crypto asset sector, and we support studies on the subject. We have been working in contact with the relevant institutions of the state for a long time to legally guarantee user rights.

As a leading platform that carefully follows the regulations in the leading countries and continues its activities in this direction; We protect the data and assets of all our users with security protocols and procedures that we apply uninterruptedly. All TL and crypto assets of our users are guaranteed by internal audit procedures. The assets of our users are stored in secure cold wallets.

Paribu is a joint stock company established in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code and is subject to all legislation, especially the Turkish Commercial Code and the Turkish Code of Obligations. It acts in full compliance with these regulations. The earnings obtained are also taxed and paid in accordance with the Turkish Tax Law and related legislation.

In addition, Paribu is working with an independent auditing firm to carry out audit phases covering user assets and capital adequacy issues. Audit reports will also be published when the process ends, as required by our transparency principle.

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