4 August 2021
DDR4 memory price increase claim

DDR4 memory price increase claim

DDR4 memory is still available for end user a son standard preserves its feature. A few manufacturers at the end of last year DDR5 your memories In 2021 He had given the signals that it would be released. DDR5 memory is expected to increase in DDR4 memory prices with a short time to come.

TeamGroup last December, DDR5 memory announced that it is the first company to test and validate its modules. He also stated that they are working with motherboard manufacturers to complement the long-awaited chips. DRAM modules 2021stated that they are planning to launch it in the third quarter.

Price increase in DDD4 memory before DDR5 memory arrives

It was necessary to enter the BIOS to be able to overclock DDR4 memory. The user had to start the operating system after making the related settings. Leaks indicate that this requirement may be eliminated in DDR5 memory. It is stated that it is possible to overclock directly through the operating system. Users will be able to easily increase the clock speed of their memory.

DDR4 - DDR5 RamRAM prices have been recently uptrend is showing. Unfortunately DDR4 memory prices do not look like they will decrease in the near future. The world’s leading market information provider TrendForce, It covers various research industries such as DRAM, NAND Flash, SSD, LCD display and LED technology. The company claims that there will be a price increase in DDR4 memory.

Price increased more than expected in the last quarter

TrendForce revealed that memory suppliers and major PC manufacturers are joining a critical period to negotiate contract prices for the second quarter of 2021. Although these negotiations have not been concluded yet, according to data on ongoing processes, the value of mainstream DDR4 8GB 2666 modules is already almost 25 percent increased. Moreover, this situation is TrendForce’s previous prediction. 20 percent represents a higher price increase than the rate.

On the other hand, these increasing prices are highly associated with DDR3, mobile or graphic memory. TrendForce, which attributes the increase in memory prices to the increase in laptop production, says that DDR4 memory prices will increase by 23 percent to 28 percent in the second quarter of 2021.

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