1 August 2021
Decline in chip production affects Samsung's Note series

Decline in chip production affects Samsung’s Note series

In the early morning hours today South Korea‘nin Suwon Annual shareholders meeting was held by Samsung in the city. At the meeting, one of the top managers of the company DJ Kohmade some important statements about the new Galaxy Note series.

CEO Koh at the investment meeting, in the company’s global semiconductors “Serious imbalance” because of 2021 in the year Galaxy Note He explained to investors that he was considering skipping the introduction of the smartphone.

Delay will affect 5 percent of Samsung’s shipments

Koh stated that Samsung wants to launch new products, but the timing may change due to the unusual chip condition and the series should continue on its way next year.

As it is known, Samsung is the largest in the world. chip one of the manufacturers. However, the company Teksas, Austinfactory in February It suffered major problems due to statewide power outages in February and still hasn’t gone into full production.

After this statement by the company’s top manager, analysts said the delay of Galaxy Note phones 5 percent rate and Galaxy announced that it will cause a huge drop in revenue as it is one of the most expensive phone series in the world.

How do you evaluate this situation where Samsung is alone? How do you think the technology company will go about this situation? You can share your ideas with us in the comments.

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