18 April 2021

Denuvo will now protect PlayStation 5 games as well

Denuvo no longer PlayStation 5 will also protect their games. Denuvo, an Australian company Denuvo Software Solutionsis a copy protection software created for digital products. Some companies that develop big budget games have made frequent use of Denuvo. But Denuvo was causing a lot of performance issues in PC games. Due to Denuvo’s performance problems, the games were becoming unplayable.

The current state of the software might be a little better. Some companies DRM (Digital Rights Management) software. CD Projekt RedIs one of the companies that does not support DRM. Cyberpunk 2077without DRM protection. Despite him, the game sold over 10 million copies when it first came out.

Denuvo will now provide copy and cheat protection for PlayStation 5

DenuvoThe company that developed the software announced that the software will be officially available for PS5. In this way PS5 Game developers will be able to protect their games from third-party software and cheats. also Denuvo PS5 games that use the software will also have a copy protection. The company also explained how the software will work and what it will protect against.

Denuvo PlayStation 5

In the company description Denuvothat will keep people from changing their gaming experience on PS5. This is people’s single player it means it can’t cheat in games. In addition, it is stated that a protection will be provided in online games. Using cheat software on cracked PS4s, it was possible to cheat in single player and multiplayer games. Denuvo thanks to PS5There will be no such problem in. Finally, it is not specified which PS5 games will use Denuvo.

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