23 July 2021
Destroy All Humans coming soon to Nintendo Switch

Destroy All Humans coming soon to Nintendo Switch

Destroy All Humans is an open world action-adventure game. He humorously describes the UFO events in the United States during the cold war era. Firstly In 2005 The game that debuted in 2020 Remake It was reintroduced to the players with the (Remake) version.

Crypto-137 (Main Character) comes to the world to find his lost clone and tries to overcome all kinds of missions to get him back home. Destroy All Humans Remake version coming to Nintendo Switch this summer

Destroy All Humans coming to Nintendo Switch on June 29

Players can use some psychokinetic powers with the main character. The game set in the 1950s It refers to the UFO events of the period and explains this in a humorous way. The game offers a fun gameplay. But as the story progresses, the tasks can get over and over again. Nintendo Switch for Will debut on June 29 standard version of the game $ 39.99 will be sold with a price tag. Besides the standard version, there are also two expensive special versions.

Destroy All Humans

Crypto-137 Edition

DNA Collector’s Edition, the game itself, a Crypto’N’Cow Includes figurine, key chain, six lithographs and stress toys. DNA Collector’s Edition 190 dollar it has a price tag. The second version is Crypto-137 EditionIncludes all the above contents (except the figurine), the main character’s bag version and a statue of the main character. Crypto-137 Edition if $ 479 has a price tag.

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